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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Top 5 Make-Up Looks for 2017

While some make up looks are timeless, we see definite trends come and go from year to year. In 2017, we will be trying less and going with a much more natural look, for the most part. We predict that the "in" looks will be focus on one feature, whether that be the eyes, the lips, or even the cheeks, while giving our natural beauty free rein.

#1 Light Make-up and Freckles

You want to use other makeup sparingly, perhaps only filling it the eyebrows lightly and brushing mascara over the eyelashes.  

#2 Lipstick in Brown Tones.

Reminiscent of the early 90s when Revlon's Toast of New York was all the rage, chose browns that will compliment your skin tone and your comfort levels. Anything from a light chestnut to a dark maroon is very in right now.

#3 Red

Another hot lip color is red. This year's red is bright and vibrant and shines in the spotlight. Pair your red lips with barely-there makeup for the rest of your face, or, even better, forego all the other makeup all together. 

#4 Dramatic brows.

This year, the drama is in the brows. We will be seeing unapologetic in your face brows that keep all their natural shapes. This year's brows are not overly groomed or shaped but also not unkempt or messy.  

#5 Rosy Cheeks.

This year's blush is less about being a tool in your contour arsenal and more about health and freshness. Let yourself be expired by the blush brought on by cold weather, for a more natural,  splotchy, and less symmetric glow.
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