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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Top 5 Rules to dress appropriately for Winter

Winter weather makes it hard for you to get out? It could be that you are not dressing well enough for the weather. It's sometimes hard to make the investment in warmer winter clothes. Maybe you bought less than adequate clothing in the past, or maybe you just don't know if you should make the investment since you rarely spend time outside.

We dress our kids up in full winter gear but unless we are serious about winter sport, we often fail to look after our own warmth and comfort.

So how can you stay warm and comfortable in cold weather? Here are our top 5 rules for staying warm:

Rue #1 Layer.

This is a great rule for when you are unsure of the weather, or when you expect the weather to change while you are out. Layering clothes, also will create pockets of air between layers and this will keep you warmer.

An under layer that has wicking properties is best to keep you dry and your body heat better regulated. Your outer layer should be water proof, while you should have a heat retaining layer below it.

You might also want to layer mitts over light gloves, and different socks in your boots.

Rule #2 Protect Your Extremities.

Your fingers, toes and nose, are most vulnerable to the cold. These are the places where you will feel the cold most. You need to protect these extremities by choosing appropriate clothing.

If you are going to spend any amount of significant time outdoors, you should bring two pairs of mitts or gloves. Keep in mind that though gloves will give you more dexterity, mitts will keep your fingers warmer. Keep your unused gloves in your pockets where your body heat will keep them warm and switch them around when your fingers get cold.

Make sure you wear boots that are not too tight as this will cut your circulation and also will conduct the cold directly to your feet, A larger pair of boots will also allow you to fit in a good warm pair of socks (or two if you need to layer).

Rule #3 Wear clothing that is the right size.

Same as with the boots, A jacket that is too tight will not insulate you as well against the cold, while a too lose jacket might allow for too much cold air to enter. A perfectly fitting jacket will provide you with the best warmth.

Rule #4 Cover your head/ears/neck.

It is commonly known that we lose most of our body heat from our heads, but what is not as well known is that we lose almost as much from our necks. It is easy enough to ignore the need to cover our heads and necks since we often don't feel the cold there as much, but doing so, will keep our entire body warmer.

Rule #5 Insulate your legs.

This is the number 1 spot that adults ignore when dressing for the weather. Our legs do not feel the cold as much so it is easy to think that we just don't need to cover them, but they are a large surface that is losing heat and causing our entire body to go down in temperature.

You can insulate using snow pants or layer with long thermal underwear, but a simple pair of jeans or joggers just won't do it.

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