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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Dressing Little Girls Is So Much Fun!

Putting together outfit for ourselves can be somewhat tedious. We have to keep so many things in mind and it seems that we always have to keep other people in mind when we dress ourselves. Is this outfit to conservative for an interview for an artsy job? Can I get away with this much color in the workplace? Will I look like a slob if I go to the movies in these ultra comfy track pants?

Though you will most-likely want to set some boundaries for modesty and appropriateness when you dress your little girls, the rules are so much more relaxed. Dressing your little girl is more about fun and what she wants to wear than what other people think!

#1 There are so many options available!

Go into any store and the little girls section seems tor reign supreme. Entire stores are devoted to just dressing your little princess. With all these options, it seems inevitable that you will find the perfect outfit that will suit both your preference and your little girl's taste!

#2 Your little girl will probably want to be in on the fun!

Though this is not only applicable to little girls, some little boys can get enthusiastic about clothes too, little girls are generally more eager to dress up and play around with their style. This can cause a bit of tension when she has her mind set on an outfit you deem inappropriate but will also be tons of fun when you go shopping with your girl and you get to see her tastes and opinions develop.

#3 All those ultra girly dresses you secretly wish you could wear.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm guessing a few other moms also would secretly love to wear all that glitter, those frills and bouncy skirts... and especially those animal ears! It may look silly on us grown-ups (Ok, I admit, I do have a hat with cat ears...) but we can live vicariously through our mini-mes!

#4 Accessories galore!

Entire stores are devoted to accessories! Hair clips and barrettes, headbands and bows, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, you name it and there is a cute child-friendly version available. With all those fun accessories, your little girl can put together a unique outfit every day!

#5 They can easily dress from the boy's department too!

And as if there was not enough selections available for girls already, you can't discount the use of "boy's clothes" for your little girl! If your little girl is more like my oldest, she might prefer baggy jeans and plaid shirts and look absolutely adorable sporting them!
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