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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Dressing Little Boys Can Be Fun Too!

Everyone talks about how much fun it is to dress little girls and moms of boys can sometimes feel left out and though they would not trade their little boy for the world, they may wish they also had a little girl to dress up. But boys are fun to dress up too!

From dapper little outfits, to adorably grunge styles, dressing your little boy can be awesome!

1. Boy fashion is easier to mix and match

Boys outfits are often in neutral or primary colors that are easy to mix and match. For example that little plaid shirt you bought, will not only look good with jeans, but also with those adorable cargo pants and even with the handsome dress pants you bought for that special event.

2. Boys tend to be less picky about their clothes

Maybe it's because there is less variance in styles and colors, or maybe it's because we raise boys to be less fashion conscious, but one thing we often hear from the parents of boys, is that their boys will usually wear whatever is bought and put out for them to wear. They don't hold as strong opinions as to what they want to wear which makes it easier for you to dress them just how you wanted to! (Like in that little aviator jacket you picked up on sale! Awwww!)

3. Boy fashion is often more affordable

Not only are boys fashions less intricate and as such more affordable, but the ability to mix and match means that you can get away with buying less pieces.

4. Though there is less selection, what is available is adorable!

Really so adorable. Whether you are dressing him up more hip with skinny jeans, and fun slogan teas, giving him a preppy look with an adorable cardigan, or more grunge with baggy skater jeans, the miniature fashion will look so, so cute (unless your little boy does not like to be referred to as cute, then it will make him look so awesome!)

5. Boys can accessorize too!

When we think of accessories, we usually think of girls, but boys can accessorize too. If the weather is cold, throw a scarf around his neck to not only make him look cool, but also keep him warm! Sunglasses on a little boy is just the epitome of cool while a great pendant on a chain can make him feel grown up and proud. Don't forget that your little boy may like bracelets and wristwatches too! Want a more whimsical style? Why not try accessorize your little boy's fashion with a pocket watch! Oh so handsome! Or if your boy's style is more grunge or hip, a wallet with a chain is not only a great accessory, but also veru practical if you don't want your little boy to lose his wallet!
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